LIBER is an independent privately-owned company dedicated to crafted wines, champagnes and spirits

We operate in Greater China with our team of dedicated professionals who live and work by our shared values: Passion, Respect, Integrity and Accountability

Our activities are structured around four divisions, each focusing on specific customer needs: Distribution, Servicing, Consulting and Open Market Sourcing.


o Our Customers

We aim to service luxury hotels, gastronomic restaurants, high-end retailers and selected private customers.

o Our Partners

We are the ambassadors of high quality producers of fine hand-crafted wines. Our partners are talented, passionate and have dedicated their life to produce the best wines in their unique land. We value “the terroir”, the authenticity and the relationships we are developing with our producers.


o Cellar Management

We assist both new and established collectors to better assess, organize and build their wine collection. We also propose storage solutions.

o Wine Expertise

Trained authenticator to identify counterfeit wines, our specialist can help to look a little closer at that bottle,  label, cork, … to be sure you’re getting what you paid for.

o Events

From tailor-made dinners to exclusive gifting we build and deliver uniqueness.


o Implement strategy into results

Our experience allows us to assess, define, structure and implement strategies for premium artisan & family owned brands.

Our methodology focus on delivering the expected volume while imbedding the Vision and Purpose of the company.

Beyond crafting a strategy that evolves with the Greater China market we also help brand owners to address key issues as trademark, exclusivity, logistic, laws and regulations.


o Fine Wine Sourcing

With a comprehensive and always evolving portfolio of fine and rare wines we have the added benefit of knowing the provenance of every bottle.

Due to our qualitative network, we are well placed to source some of the world’s most sought after wines.

We also often have access to rare private collections and exclusive mixed cases not available anywhere else.